Not all parents that bring their child in are horrible. I had one dad bring his son in, he was probably 7 or so. The son’s hair was pretty long so I figured I was either going to just clean it up some or cut it all off. Turns out, it was both.

“So what are we doing today?” I asked.
“I want to look like Sonic!”
“Son, explain what you want. She might not know who Sonic is.”
“….Sonic the Hedgehog?” I asked, as the only other Sonic I know of is a burger joint. Not much of a hairstyle there.
You watch Sonic?” the kid asked in awe.
“Watch it? I used to play it!”
“Me too!” Said the dad excitedly. “In fact, I got him into it!”

So this dad was cool. He was an old skool gamer, like me, and was cool with his young child chopping all his hair off for a mohawk, which would them be (temporarily) dyed blue at home. I did the cut, and the kid was so excited. He started running around the mall, gathering rings I suppose, and giving me the biggest smile and thank you I have ever seen.

That still remains one of the more interesting haircuts I’ve done (mall patrons usually aren’t in it for the mohawks) and one of my most satisfied clients.


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