Mom’s not in a hurry for that

A mother brought her 7 year old son in for his first “big boy” haircut. He’d had his hair cut before, but it was still long (and an awful bowl cut). At first, she just wanted it out of his eyes, and trimmed everywhere. So I did that. But the child kept insisting he wanted it shorter, so finally she gave in, saying “he’s old enough now to make up his own mind. I’ll pay you extra for your time.” So I went a little shorter, more of a “boys” cut.

When I was almost done, the mom got up and walked away, without saying a word. It turns out she had gotten one of my coworkers to ring her out, even though I was about 2 minutes away from being finished. When I did finish, I walked him over to get her approval. She didn’t even look at it but said “yeah that’s fine.” And they left.

Not only did she not “pay me extra for my time” she didn’t even tip me. I’m not sure if she didn’t like what I had done, or she was suddenly in a hurry or something, or she was suddenly overcome by emotion on seeing her child grow up, but she left without saying a word.


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