No Pressure

A guy came into the salon the other day looking a little shaggy,  but pretty standard. When he sits in my chair, I ask what we’re gonna do. He says he usually has a faux hawk. As I’m looking at his hair, I say, “well you don’t have one now….” as all of his hair is clearly the same length, not longer in the middle (which is the very definition of a faux hawk). “Yeah, the last place I went really screwed it up.” Turns out instead of going to his normal fancy downtown salon, he had gone to a certain unnamed chain salon that offers cheap cuts but also has a time limit on each customer. So rather than take the time to give the customer what he wanted, they just buzzed his head all over and yelled Next!

No problem, I can fix this. But it turns out it was imperative that I fix it…. he is getting married in 2 days.  Well, poop. Wedding haircuts are important. Maybe not as important on the groom as on the bride, but still. So I took my sweet time with the cut, and kept checking with him every step of the way to make sure we were on track. When I finished, he seemed very pleased. Not just seemed – was very pleased. He affirmed the cut was good enough to get married with, and that made my day.


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