The Repercussions of Asking for Help

I’m still pretty new to the profession of hair, but I think in general I do pretty well. Luckily, if I need help, the girls I work with are there for me. That happened today. I was doing  a cut on a 9-year old girl, and there was one piece that was giving me trouble. So I called over one of the girls that wasn’t busy and asked for advice. She showed me how to accomplish what I wanted, and it was nice to see this cut done rather than try and guess.

However, I could tell that the parents weren’t pleased that I asked for assistance. Though that doesn’t make sense because wouldn’t they rather leave happy – even if I have to ask for help – than me just keep hacking away, ruining their daughter’s haircut, and probably causing them to make another trip (either back to my shop or to another one altogether)? I’m not ashamed that I asked for help. Life is about constantly learning.

But when it came time for them to pay, they went to the effort of marking a big fat ZERO for the tip. I was going to give the tip to my coworker anyway, but thankfully they saved me the trouble by making sure I knew they were unhappy. So even though I didn’t get any financial gain from the experience, at least I learned how to the cut, which I’m sure will be more useful in the long run.


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