late life crisis

A lady of at least 70 years old sat in my chair, and said “I’m sick of my hair. I want it gone. I don’t want the curls anymore. I don’t want to deal with it anymore. Make it gone. Make it so I don’t have to do anything to it.”

So I did. Her hair wasn’t that long to begin with, and she had been coloring it a fiery copper color, which suited her personality. We got to talking, and it turned out she had gone to the roller derby recently, and quite enjoyed it. “I used to rollerskate in my day. I think I should join the roller derby. Show those young girls what for!”

I couldn’t even continue cutting her hair at that point, I was so overwhelmed by this lady’s spirit. Hopefully she wasn’t just going through a late-life crisis, but from talking to her, I don’t think that was the case.


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