No pressure, vol. 2

We know that brides are generally higher maintenance when it comes to their wedding. I’ve already mentioned the dude that just casually drops that he’s getting married this weekend and needs a new hairstyle. But that was beaten.

Friday, late morning: A 20-something guy comes in for a trim. I can see both by the notes in the computer and the length of his hair that it has only been about a week and a half or two weeks since his last cut. I mention this to him, and he says “Oh, well I’m getting married today, so I need to look cleaned up.”

Wait? Today today? Yeah, at 2:45. Since this was a Friday afternoon thing, I figured he was  just heading to the courthouse or something. But no, it was a real shindig, taking place on a rented farm, with people that flew in and everything. Oh, and there will be pictures. He’s just  “getting a few last minute things taken care of.” You know, before his wedding.

I guess I can put on my resume that I’ve done wedding hair!


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