Random quotes

If you follow me on twitter, you saw these already.


Before I could ask what kind of haircut I was going to give a guy in my chair, he said “I’d prefer a good haircut this time please.” Puzzled, I asked what he meant. “A good haircut. You know, instead of a bad one.”

“Well I wasn’t planning on giving you a bad haircut…”

“I know. And it’s ok if you do. But I’d prefer a good haircut to a bad one.




I finished cutting a teenager’s hair, and his dad approached to pay. I hadn’t checked them in, and the kid was old enough to be in charge of his own haircut, so the dad and I hadn’t seen each other. I have a full rainbow of colors in my hair, and when the dad saw that he said ‎”I usually don’t like people with colored hair, but yours is pretty.”

It was a compliment, so I’ll take it.


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