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A six year old boy was sitting in my chair, and his parents let him speak for himself on what kind of cut to get. Unfortunately for me, this child was impatient and bossy.

It all started when I was combing through his hair. There were no tangles or anything – in fact, his hair was short enough that I was really just making it go in the same direction. He said “Ow ow ow!” which made me stop, and his mom (who was standing right there) looked over. Both of us knew I hadn’t actually done anything to hurt him, so I kept going.  He must not have liked that, because that’s when he started giving me orders about his haircut.  Knowing what you want in a cut is one thing, but when you are six and don’t understand what a hairdresser does, it’s a different story.

“I think that’s good there. Can you stop now?” I explained to him that I couldn’t stop just there because I wasn’t finished with his cut. “Ok, just cut it one more time, and then we’re done here.”

“Well, it takes more than just one cut until I’m done.”

“Fine. Cut it three more times, and let’s get this over with!”

His mom laughed in that “isn’t he precious” sort of way, and I laughed too. But he kept saying things like that to get me to stop, so it began to get annoying. Keep in mind, he was in my chair for probably 15 minutes – a long time for a six year old, apparently. When I finished (after numerous cries of “aren’t we done yet?”) I finally set him free. He wasn’t even that happy to be done, just annoyed that I had taken part of his day.


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