Too young

A young couple brought their baby in to get his hair cut. This isn’t so weird – I do kids’ cuts all the time. However, this one seemed especially young. Turns out, he was only 19 months old, and his parents had been bringing him in for a while. However, they insisted that this child have a full mohawk – shaved sides and gel to spike it up, the whole shebang.

I’m all for kids having mohawks. But this one was just too young for it. One, he couldn’t appreciate it, and two, both parents and me had to hold him while he wiggled, screamed and cried. He didn’t like the electric clippers against his head, and I didn’t want to shave his literal baby fine hair. And of course, the parents insisted that the lines be perfectly straight. I told them it was impossible, but I did the best I could.

Note to parents: Sometimes you need to let your baby just be a baby.


One thought on “Too young

  1. SYH says:

    Three adults to hold him down? Just so that family could be a fashionable trio? I’m ashamed of those parents.

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