magic clippers

When a man’s regular stylist wasn’t working, he debated coming back another day. Turns out, I wish he had.

He was extremely picky, even though he was getting one of the simplest cuts (military high and tight). When I pointed out a cowlick near the crown of his head, he swore up and down that he had never seen that before, and that it didn’t look like a cowlick at all – it looked “more like I had gone in there with my clippers and messed it up.” I tried to assure him that that was not the case, and showed him how combing it all straight out showed that the hairs were still all the same length, but he wouldn’t hear it. He just kept messing with his hair (what little of it there was left), and saying that “it just looks really bad.” He couldn’t give any specific answer as to what exactly looked bad, just that it looked “wrong.”

Lucky for me, my coworker at the next station heard all of this, and came over to see if she could help. He “explained” the problem by repeating that it just looked really bad, so she took the clippers and went over his head one more time. The clippers didn’t actually cut anything on this second run through, but it seemed to placate him. My coworker also pointed out the multiple cowlicks, but by then his tone had changed and he completely accepted these abnormalities in his hair without accusing anyone of magically creating them.

He still left a tip, which I didn’t expect, and I offered some to my coworker. But she was nice and said “don’t worry about it, I didn’t actually do anything.” Which was true in the sense that she didn’t actually cut his hair, but she had helped a lot by calming him down.


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