Miscommunication part 2

A 14-year old boy wanted his haircut. I cut the sides & back down with clippers, as was in the notes from last time. When I asked him how short he wanted the top, he mumbled “I don’t know.” Jokingly, I said “well if you don’t know, I’ll just do it all the same length as the sides!” He mumbled “that’s ok.” I said “so you want it that short?” He mumbled more agreements, so I went on. I gave him several more chances to clarify or change his mind, but he didn’t, so I used clippers all over his head.

When he walked out to the lobby, his mom was surprised. I explained that I asked him about it, and she said it was fine. She wasn’t mad, and the kid didn’t show any reaction.

It turns out that the kid doesn’t like talking to adults, and so even though he wanted something different, he didn’t say so. But his mom knew this was a possibility, so she didn’t blame me. And yes, I realize that the kid may have had a mental disorder, but his mother was confident enough to leave him by himself, so I don’t think this was the case. Maybe it will help him get the courage to speak to adults though.


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