Usually when someone brings in a picture, it is a useful tool, helping the stylist and client understand each other a bit better. But I had a woman come in bringing a picture similar to this – a high fashion (not everyday) disconnected cut. Frankly, the picture was ridiculous, but so was the cut she already had. It was an inverted V, with the front past her shoulders. At some point, someone had given her layers, but the utter chunkiness of them showed that it was not a professional. But she wanted to keep her length, especially in the front. So I asked her to clarify what about the picture she liked. She insisted that she wanted that cut, even after I assured her that that cut would mean losing several inches of hair (which I would have loved so I could fix her already-jacked ‘do). We could donate it to Locks of Love, but she wasn’t having it.

We finally reached a compromise – meaning I gave her long layers to blend what she already had, and just the tiniest smidge of a side bang. Not at all like the picture, which I reminded her of, lest she try to make comparisons later. I don’t think she was entirely pleased, but I also don’t think she quite understood the concept of “haircut” and thus would not be pleased either way.


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