Emergency haircut

A man came into the shop with literally half of his head shaved. He looked a little frantic. We weren’t busy at the time, so I was able to take him right back into my chair.

“Help!” he said. “My clippers at home just died, and I have a job interview today! I’m supposed to be there in half an hour, but I called and explained I had a problem.”

It was an especially important interview, as he had just moved here from out of state to care for his ailing mother. He was currently holding down a job at McDonald’s, and they were making him work on Thanksgiving. This job interview was his ticket out.

I wanted to laugh, but I really felt bad for the guy. It wasn’t a subtle difference either – the left half of his head was probably about 3 inches long, and the right half was less than half an inch. Nor was it symmetrical. But I got him all fixed up. He even decided he wanted to do a fade instead of an all over buzz, because if he has to pay for a haircut, might as well get something fancy.

Hopefully he gets the new job and uses some of his money to buy a decent pair of clippers (or better yet, come back to the salon.)


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