A mother brought her two 12-year old boys in for their “back to school” cuts. (Apparently that counts even over Winter break.) Even though there were multiple stylists available, she requested that the boys be cut by the same person, because you see, “they are twins and they need to have the same haircut.” I just happened to be the one that got them, and I could tell neither boy was happy about being a twin. They were clearly of an age where they should be exploring their individuality, but their mother continued to dress them the same. I felt bad for their stifling repression, and I’m a bit curious as to how that will play out in later in life. Will there be a rebellion? Or will these boys continue to look (and act?) the exact same until their mother no longer has a say?


One thought on “Twins

  1. There will be a rebellion – says the older sister of a set of twins who insist on being very different people.

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