the ultimate reward

Usually when a child does not like getting his hair cut, the parents bribe him. (I am using the masculine here because more often than not, it is a little boy.) We offer lollipops in the shop, and sometimes that is good enough. Sometimes, it’s something outside of the store, like McDonalds, a cupcake, a donut, etc. However, I had a 4-year old boy in my chair that was being bribed with the ultimate reward: a puppy.

Every time the child wriggled or cried, his mom would say “Remember, if you’re good for your haircut, we’re going to go get a puppy after this!” Frankly, I don’t think the bribe was working, as he did not make it a very easy cut. But even as they walked out the door (complete with lollipop as well), the mom could not stop reminding him where they were going.

I’m hoping the puppy was really for Mom, because I would not trust that kid with a living creature. Plus he did not deserve it.

Also: I want a puppy just for sitting through a haircut too!


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