too cute to grow

Every 2 years or so, a client of mine chops off her long hair and donates it to Locks of Love. Then she starts the growing process again, and repeats ad nauseum. When she came in last time for her cut, I of course asked her how she would like it styled. She said “I guess just a one-length bob.” I asked her if she didn’t want any layering in it, and she replied that everyone had always told her that she couldn’t have layers since her hair was so fine. I told her that was nonsense, and proceeded to show her.

Before I was even done, she was proclaiming “I love it! I love it so much!” I don’t know why she had been told she couldn’t have the hairstyle she wanted, but once she did, she was so happy about it. When we were done, she said “It’s so adorable, I don’t know if I want to grow it out again!”

Mixed feelings about that. I’m glad she loved her hair, but I also like when people donate their hair to those that need it.


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