the sleeper

A dad brought his 2 & 1/2 year old son in for a haircut. I could see the boy was sleepy, as his eyes were drooping and once in a while his head would flop. I started using the clippers on him, but he wasn’t listening to us telling him that he needed to keep his head up. We noticed that he had actually fallen asleep. He slept right on through the clippers buzzing against his head, and his dad had to come physically hold his head up so I could finish the cut with scissors. We stopped worrying about waking him up, because this boy was out. He was drooling, and at one point he even snored. Dad was struggling to keep the boy’s head up while I cut his hair, and we had a choreographed dance to do it. In fact, I had to stop several times because I was laughing so hard. Dad even managed to get his phone out and take some pictures. The boy kept on sleeping through the whole thing. The only time he briefly woke up was when I finished the cut and Dad lifted him out of the chair. But he snuggled up and went right back to sleep.

My coworkers congratulated me on actually putting a child to sleep (which I’d never had happen before), but credit lies with the boy’s older brothers who played with him so much that he just couldn’t stay awake anymore.


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