Convincing to donate

I’ve mentioned before that I try to encourage people that cut off 10 inches or more of their hair to donate it to Locks of Love. If they are already cutting this much off, it’s never a question. But if they are just on the edge of having enough, I try to convince them to go just a bit shorter.

One day I was having this conversation with a teenage girl. She wanted quite a bit of hair cut off, but me just saying the numbers made it seem like a lot, and she was nervous. “I don’t want to be bald!” she said. But then when I showed her how much 10 inches off actually was (still shoulder length), she immediately changed her tone and said “oh yeah, chop it off! Get it out of here!”

Another time, I was speaking with a lady about it. She was all for going short, but was worried her husband wouldn’t like it. I told her that if she donates, her haircut is free. But it wasn’t the “free” part that caught her attention – it was the donating part. Apparently she hadn’t heard of Locks of Love, so I explained it to her. (In a nutshell, the hair is used to make wigs for sick children.) Learning that completely changed her tune. “If my husband doesn’t like it, just wait til I tell him it goes to a good cause!”

That’s what I like to hear.


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