not a busy day

I was cutting a man’s hair one day, and he was messing with his phone the whole time. He didn’t have the phone up to his ear the whole time, but his head was down and he was unresponsive to any attempts at conversation other than grunts. I would say “can you please hold your head straight up?” and he would just ignore me. This made the haircut difficult.

While he was messing with one phone in his hand, another phone in his pocket rang. This one he did answer, so I had to stop cutting his hair for a few minutes while he had the phone on his ear. (He was still messing with the one in the hand at the same time.) When he hung up, I asked “busy day?” and he replied “not really.”

I would hate to see what a busy day for him would be.

Incidentally, after he left the shop he sat in the parking lot for another 20 minutes, undoubtedly still using his phone(s). At least he wasn’t driving while trying to do whatever he was doing.


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