marriage off, hair off

A lot of times, people will change their hair when they are going through major life changes. I understand the psychology behind it: your hair / appearance is something you can control in a world where many things are not under your power, such as deaths, breakups, etc.

I had a lady come in, very determined to cut off all of her long beautiful hair. As you know, I encourage this type of behavior, but I also want to make sure the person doesn’t regret it. Hair takes a long time to grow back, and even if you get a good cut, you might not be happy with it if it’s shorter than you wanted or are used to.

But this lady was sure. All of it. Off. I felt like the Italian barber cutting Audrey Hepburn’s hair in Roman Holiday (which she actually did on camera, btw). So, as I gave her a cute new ‘do, I asked what spurred the change. Turns out she was supposed to get married… that coming weekend. Something had gone sour (I didn’t press for details) and she said her now ex-fiance had always liked her long hair. Since the wedding was now off (a development of only the night before!), her hair was coming off too. I could see the weight literally (and figuratively) being lifted off her shoulders as I cut it.

I was glad to help her gain some independence, and hopefully some happiness.


(ps- She did donate her hair to Locks of Love, thereby getting a free haircut and helping a good cause.)


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