Ghost cat

Because I am a master of small talk, often conversations with my clients go something like this:

them: “Do you have kids?”
me: “Nope. I have cats.”
them: “Oh! Me too! Let’s swap cat stories!”

which is fine because like any good cat lady, I have tons of stories. None beat this one though.

My client just moved into a new house, occupied by her now-roommate and the roomie’s cat. One night my client was sleeping, and she felt something cuddle up next to her. She assumed it was the cat, though she didn’t know how the cat got in her room. “Maybe I didn’t shut the door all the way.” she figured. The next night, the same thing happened. However this time, she distinctly remembered closing her door. She woke up and looked around a bit, but there was no cat. The next morning, she mentioned it to her roommate.

“Oh yeah, that was just Lacey.” the roommate explained. “She died a few months ago, but she still likes to cuddle.”