A family was waiting while their child was getting his hair cut by another stylist. It was a slow day, so I was cleaning up the lobby a little bit, and I could overhear the parents talking about how the baby needed his diaper changed. The mom approached me and said “excuse me, can I change his diaper here?” indicating the chairs in the lobby.

“No,” I replied, a little aghast. “That is incredibly unsanitary. If State Board came in right now, we would get so many fines!”

That is a true statement. I figured I didn’t need to tell her that it was also disgusting and would offend not only the employees,  but turn off any potential clients that walked through the door to smell and see a dirty diaper. Another employee suggested she use the bathroom, and she brought in some towels for the baby to lie on. This was more acceptable, except that when I went into the bathroom later, the towels were still layed out. They went immediately into the wash.