not going gray

Often when I cut an older man’s hair, he’ll say something like “make sure you cut only the gray ones” or some other joke about how he’s going gray. However, the best one I’ve heard so far is

“I’m not going gray, it’s the lighting in here! I’m going to go home and fix that lighting right now.”


It is what it is

A man came in for a trim. Although his beard was pure silver, the hair on his head was brown without even a hint of gray. He had a very laid-back attitude, and kept a mantra of  “it is what it is.”

He told me a tale of another man (who had gone completely gray) that demanded to know what my client put in his hair to keep it brown. My client kept insisting that his hair was all natural and always had been. This went on and on until the other man became irate. My client ended his story with his classic “it is what it is,” and I couldn’t help but think that maybe it was this attitude that kept his hair from going gray.