ringing endorsement

A lot of my clients are law enforcement. One police officer was in getting a haircut, but he had a lot of gel in his hair. Normally I can comb through it with a little water, but this stuff was really sticking. When I commented on it, he laughed. “This stuff is great! I can get in a fight at work and my hair stays looking perfect!” That made me laugh, and I told him he should do commercials.

*cut to a police officer busting bad guys on the street*
*a scuffle ensues, but the police officer triumphs*
*zoom in on police officer as he whips a comb from his front pocket and runs it through his hair, smiling at camera*

If this was 1985, that commercial would sell so much hair gel.


ps – Yes, I paused his haircut to act out the commercial for him. He appreciated it.