So short!

A teenaged girl sat in my chair, and she was nervous about getting her hair cut, as she was trying to grow it out. When she took her hair down from the messy bun it was tied up in, it fell way below her waist.

“How long are you trying to grow it?!” I asked her, but she could only reply “as long as I can.”

Unfortunately for her, she was under the impression that growing her hair out means never cutting it. I gave her the standard lecture about how hair grows better (faster and healthier) when it is kept regularly trimmed because hair naturally grows into split ends. So even though your hair might get longer, frankly it’s going to look like crap. (If you’re going to have long hair, you at least need to take care of it!) So, I had to cut off probably around 6-8 inches to get her hair healthy again. She reluctantly let me do it, and I assured her that her hair would still be very long, and it would look so much better. I showed her what I was doing every step of the way, so she didn’t freak out too much.

When I was done, she agreed that it did look and feel much better, but as she stood looking at herself in the mirror, she exclaimed “It’s sooo short!” Now, a lady waiting in the lobby heard this. She got up to assure the girl that “by no means would anyone call <her> hair short.”

After all, it was still down below her waist.