those must be some great cuts!

Some of the best customers can be kids, just due to their reactions.

I had one girl in my chair, probably 10 years old or so. She was cutting her hair from shoulder length to a chin length bob with bangs. Every cut I took, she watched in the mirror and gasped excitedly. When I was all done, she ran her hands through it and kept repeating “Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!” loudly enough for the whole salon to hear. We couldn’t help but smile, as she was just so happy about her new ‘do.

Another time, a boy of a similar age was getting his hair cut. He had always had his hair long and shaggy, and was going to a clipper fade. (I wasn’t the one cutting his hair, so I don’t know all the details.) What I do know, however, is that when his hair was all done, he literally ran around the salon high-fiving everyone. His stylist, the other stylists (including me), the other patrons, etc. Again, we couldn’t help but smile.

I wish everyone would react to their haircuts that way.