the shrieking child

A little boy in my coworker’s chair did not want his hair cut. He was screaming and crying the whole time, including that wonderful eardrum splitting, high-pitched shriek that children of a certain age can all do. He did that for probably half an hour, since his mom decided that he needed a haircut that day. The rest of us were trying to go about our business, but I know that for me anyway, concentration was completely shot.

One of the other customers in the salon was another very young boy. Unlike his peer, however, he kept perfectly silent. Maybe he felt that the first boy had already overused the screaming shtick, but he was giving him a “what the heck?” look. When boy #2 finished, he was given a lollipop.

Boy #1’s mom looked up and said “Hey can we have one of those?” The entire salon erupted in laughter. Unfortunately, the lollipop didn’t work, so our respite from the shrieking was only temporary.