ringlets no more

A dad brought his 4-year old son in for his first “real” haircut. He’d been trimmed at home, but he still had his beautiful baby ringlets. Dad was ready for him to look “more like a boy,” so he wanted quite a bit of length taken off. After discussing it, Dad said to go ahead and make it a full mohawk: skin on the sides, and enough length taken off the top so that it would stand up on its own. I asked him several times if he was sure, and reminded him that those ringlets would not come back. He was sure, and of course the boy was totally into it. And just for funsies, let’s put in some colored gel to make the mohawk blue and super spiky.

As I was shaving the boy’s head, I asked if Mom knew he was getting a haircut. Apparently she knew he was getting it cut, but not this haircut. I asked the dad to not blame me when Mom flipped out from him cutting off all of her baby’s beautiful hair. The dad just chuckled.

Although I never did hear from the mom, so I still wonder how the new ‘do went over at home.


Too young

A young couple brought their baby in to get his hair cut. This isn’t so weird – I do kids’ cuts all the time. However, this one seemed especially young. Turns out, he was only 19 months old, and his parents had been bringing him in for a while. However, they insisted that this child have a full mohawk – shaved sides and gel to spike it up, the whole shebang.

I’m all for kids having mohawks. But this one was just too young for it. One, he couldn’t appreciate it, and two, both parents and me had to hold him while he wiggled, screamed and cried. He didn’t like the electric clippers against his head, and I didn’t want to shave his literal baby fine hair. And of course, the parents insisted that the lines be perfectly straight. I told them it was impossible, but I did the best I could.

Note to parents: Sometimes you need to let your baby just be a baby.

No Pressure

A guy came into the salon the other day looking a little shaggy,  but pretty standard. When he sits in my chair, I ask what we’re gonna do. He says he usually has a faux hawk. As I’m looking at his hair, I say, “well you don’t have one now….” as all of his hair is clearly the same length, not longer in the middle (which is the very definition of a faux hawk). “Yeah, the last place I went really screwed it up.” Turns out instead of going to his normal fancy downtown salon, he had gone to a certain unnamed chain salon that offers cheap cuts but also has a time limit on each customer. So rather than take the time to give the customer what he wanted, they just buzzed his head all over and yelled Next!

No problem, I can fix this. But it turns out it was imperative that I fix it…. he is getting married in 2 days.  Well, poop. Wedding haircuts are important. Maybe not as important on the groom as on the bride, but still. So I took my sweet time with the cut, and kept checking with him every step of the way to make sure we were on track. When I finished, he seemed very pleased. Not just seemed – was very pleased. He affirmed the cut was good enough to get married with, and that made my day.


Not all parents that bring their child in are horrible. I had one dad bring his son in, he was probably 7 or so. The son’s hair was pretty long so I figured I was either going to just clean it up some or cut it all off. Turns out, it was both.

“So what are we doing today?” I asked.
“I want to look like Sonic!”
“Son, explain what you want. She might not know who Sonic is.”
“….Sonic the Hedgehog?” I asked, as the only other Sonic I know of is a burger joint. Not much of a hairstyle there.
You watch Sonic?” the kid asked in awe.
“Watch it? I used to play it!”
“Me too!” Said the dad excitedly. “In fact, I got him into it!”

So this dad was cool. He was an old skool gamer, like me, and was cool with his young child chopping all his hair off for a mohawk, which would them be (temporarily) dyed blue at home. I did the cut, and the kid was so excited. He started running around the mall, gathering rings I suppose, and giving me the biggest smile and thank you I have ever seen.

That still remains one of the more interesting haircuts I’ve done (mall patrons usually aren’t in it for the mohawks) and one of my most satisfied clients.