up and moved

I meet a  lot of people that are new to the area or have lived lots of places, so the question “what brought you to this town?” is always a topic of conversation. The most common answers are “work” or “I just liked the area.” I had one man, however, tell me a more interesting story.

It seems his (grown) daughter was tired of the place they lived in. Her parents her retired, and the only thing keeping them in the small town was their daughter, so if she left, they would leave too. When the wanderlust got too much to handle, the dad told his wife and  daughter “go drive around until you find where you want to live.” So they set off on a road trip, exploring the country. When they reached this town, they called the dad and said “we found it. We want to live here.” And so they did. They never came back to their old home. The dad took care of selling the house and packing any valuable possessions, and then he followed them. So they live here now, and apparently never looked back.

As someone who has moved more times than she can count, I envy this. They literally just up and left, with no regard for the things they left behind. Even when I try to do that, I still end up with a truckful of stuff, and I’ve never moved to a place that I had never really been to before.

So here’s to you, adventurers.