high neckline

Generally on men’s haircuts, I shape up their neckline with my small trimmers. I ask if they have a preference on shape (blocked / straight across or more rounded), and most don’t care.  “As long as nobody comes up to me and asks what happened to the back of my head, I don’t care what it looks like.”

Well, seems one guy cared enough to try and trim his neckline himself. Apparently he didn’t use the elaborate mirror rigging that I would expect, and inadvertently shaved his “neckline” up to his occipital bone.

The back of his head looked like this. 

However, he had no idea. He couldn’t see it when he looked at himself from the front, so he went about his day. Until one of his coworkers stopped him and asked him what happened to the back of his head. So on his lunch break, he came to see me.

“What can you do to fix this?” he asked, slightly panicked.

I apologized for the chuckle I was stifling, and replied that really the only thing to do was shave his head, or at least fade it like in the picture above. Now, the rest of his hair was much longer than what’s in the picture, and he was quite attached to it. He didn’t want the no-hair look, so I blended it as best I could (not very well) and he learned a lesson.

Remember kids: most salons will do a neck trim for just a few dollars. Don’t try this at home.



It’s standard practice to ask people how they like their neckline shaped when I’m done with their haircut. Most people don’t care. Usually they say “just do whatever they did last time,” so I tend to do whatever looks more natural.

I had one man that normally had a straight / squared neckline. When I asked him if he wanted to stick with that, he said “You know what? It’s a new year. Let’s shake it up. Let’s go round this time!” I thought it was said in jest, as we often joke about how nobody will recognize you if your neckline is shaped differently, but he was serious. So I made it round.

When I showed him in the mirror, he was genuinely excited about it. “Yeah! I like it. I like it a lot! I think I’ll stick with this!” He kept admiring the back of his head in the mirror while I finished up. He was like a kid on Christmas morning, except his present was a slightly different haircut. I never knew such a small change could make such a large difference in attitude.