Young love

A boy of about 10 or so was in the chair next to mine. Apparently he and the stylist had been talking about his girlfriend before I started paying attention. A Justin Beiber song came on the radio, and my coworker asked the boy if his girlfriend liked Justin’s music. He said no. “Well then who does she like?” and started naming some other pop stars.

The boy sighed, frustrated, and replied “My girlfriend doesn’t like music. She only likes me.”

That made me and the other stylist laugh, and my coworker told him not to hold on to that attitude. Hopefully the boy learns.



Pet peeves

I am positive this will be an ever-growing list.


1. Helicopter parents

You know the ones. They’re all up in your business, telling you how to do your job, because clearly they know what’s best for their little angel. But they probably won’t discipline him or help him to sit still.

2. Overbearing wives / girlfriends

No offense to those members of my gender, but seriously – Girls, let your man have his own say in his haircuts. He’s an adult. He should not have to ask you if it looks ok. When I ask what he wants done, he should not have to say “ask her.” He should be able to look in the mirror and judge for himself whether or not he even needs a haircut, and then if so, whether or not he is pleased with it.

3.  Perfectionists / Nitpickers

And no, I don’t mean nitpickers in the literal sense. I prefer that people with lice don’t sit in my chair at all.

I mean the people that tell me I’ve “missed a spot” when I’m clearly not finished with their cut. If you are still sitting in my chair, wearing a cape, and my shears are still in hand, that’s called I’m not finished with your haircut yet. If I take you up to the register to pay, and you notice that one side is longer than the other, then yes, I did miss a spot. But that doesn’t happen since I double, triple, and maybe quadruple check it. Let me do that before you butt in.

I wish I could complete both sides of your head simultaneously, but as of writing this, I do not yet possess that power.


more to come…..