divine intervention

Today I had a lady in my chair that was quite chatty. She told me all about how God had told her to move to this town, and went into detail about all the reasons that she knew that The Lord was speaking to her. I don’t mind people being religious, you’re free to believe what you want to believe. Plus, it kept her occupied so I didn’t have to make small talk about the weather or whatever.

Until she asked if I’d accepted Jesus into my life. I told her that I do not speak about religion or politics with my clients (true). She apologized, understood, and explained that “its her whole life.” I could tell.

She respectfully changed the subject and asked if I had a family. I replied that my family lives on the other side of the country, as they did not move with me. “No husband, no kids? You’re all by yourself here!” Well I’m not actually alone, I have a lot of great friends. She pondered this for a while, and said “you seem like a really happy person.” I told her that I try to be.

“I’m just amazed that you are so happy and independent, without a husband or having God in your life.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. Even if I was feeling snarky (but I wasn’t, because she was still very nice), I wouldn’t have had a response. Luckily at that time, I had finished her cut so we could talk about her hair again. She loved what I had done, so that was good. As I was ringing her up, she explained how God had brought her to me today because He knew that I would give her the cut she wanted. She told me to keep the change (which was a hefty tip) and explained that The Lord had told her to do that as well.

So, thank you Jesus, for that.