I ask everyone who sits in my chair how their day is going. Partly to make conversation, and partly because sometimes we hairdressers also wear the hats of Therapist, Confidant, Sounding Board,etc. Sometimes though, I just get a good laugh.

I asked a 15-year old boy how his day was going, and he was having THE WORST DAY OF HIS LIFE (his words). First, his phone died, because he listens to music on it all day, and could only charge it during 2 of his 3 classes. Then he decided to learn guitar, because MUSIC IS MY LIFE, MAN. But he picked up his first guitar and his fingers kept slipping of the strings. So he FAILED at that. Then, and you’ll never believe this – his mom said he had to get a HAIRCUT.

I tried to offer him sage advice, but eventually I agreed that he was having the worst day ever. What with his smartphone, and apparently lax schooling, and access to a guitar on a whim, and parents that care about his appearance, etc.

Yup, worst day ever.


Young love

A boy of about 10 or so was in the chair next to mine. Apparently he and the stylist had been talking about his girlfriend before I started paying attention. A Justin Beiber song came on the radio, and my coworker asked the boy if his girlfriend liked Justin’s music. He said no. “Well then who does she like?” and started naming some other pop stars.

The boy sighed, frustrated, and replied “My girlfriend doesn’t like music. She only likes me.”

That made me and the other stylist laugh, and my coworker told him not to hold on to that attitude. Hopefully the boy learns.